“Owning books is an exercise in balancing on a tightrope. 

An effort to unite the scattered pieces of the universe to form a whole endowed with meaning. Harmonious architecture in the face of chaos. A sand sculpture. The den where we protect everything we are afraid of forgetting. The memory of the world. A dam against the tsunami of time”.

Irene Vallejo, El infinito en un junco.

How many times have there been those who preferred to buy a book again before the discouraging task of retrieving it from their own library? 

Inventarium offers a service for ordering private libraries to prevent this from happening and to be able to quickly access the material. 

We are not unaware that a library is also a universe of its own. We know that there is no single way to order them and that the order must be functional to the user, as well as the criteria to be applied. 


We will deal with this in a first stage, making our own the words of Roberto Calasso in his mythical essay How to order a library? As far as books are concerned, the best order cannot be anything but plural, at least as much as the person using those books is plural. It must also be both synchronic and diachronic at the same time: geological (by successive strata), historical (by phases and whims), functional (in relation to daily use at a given time), technical (alphabetical, linguistic, thematic).


In a second stage, if it is useful for the client, the books can be included in a personal digital database, an application that will allow him to access the information and location of each of the books in his library from any of his devices.