Online catalogs

In order for you to manage your collection efficiently, Inventarium will take care of registering, inventorying and cataloguing each of your pieces. 

First, we record all the physical data of the artwork in situ, based on the elements and information that you already have about your works. For this purpose, we work with a user-friendly database adapted to the different specificities of each collection. We are flexible and everything starts with an interview in which we get to know your desires and needs in order to adopt the best form for format and preferences, including, for example, professional photography, historical research (exhibitions and reference bibliography) and the valuation of the pieces that require it.

Then, all the information related to the works is organized and digitized, which can also be integrated into the digital database.

Catalogs Raisonné

The catalog raisonné is an invaluable tool for the artist. Its purpose is to establish a repertoire as exhaustive as possible of their production, indicating title, format, support and technique used for each work, previously photographed.

For the artist, the proper recording of the works and their cataloguing is extremely useful for future studies and research and marks the indispensable starting point prior to any monographic publication or major exhibition.

Printed catalogs

Because we understand that, beyond personal passion, one of the greatest motivations of the collector is the desire to share, Inventarium offers you the possibility to create a unique object to spread your collection in your private environment and beyond, through limited editions of great aesthetic quality, produced in digital offset with the greatest of care.